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At Adelaide Computer Superstore we have access to most laptop brands.

However, due to our experience in the IT industry and being a computer repair center, we try to source laptops that are high quality and repairable. We only stock a handful of laptops which are in the following categories:

Entry level laptop Adelaide

Entry Level Laptop

i3 processor, with 8GB RAM and 250GB SSD and 15.6’ Screen.

They are perfect for home use, browsing internet, emailing and social media.

Mid-range Laptop Adelaide

Mid-Range Laptop

i5 CPU, 16GB RAM and 250-500GB SSD and 15.6’ screen.

They are suitable for medium range computer work, such as office, accounting as well as home and social media use.

Portable spec Laptop Adelaide

Portable Laptop

i5 CPU, 16GB RAM and 250-500GB SSD and 13.3”-14” screen.

These laptops are smaller and lighter which makes them convenient for travelling.

Gaming Laptop Adelaide

Gaming Laptop


I7 CPU, 32-64GB RAM, 500-1TB SSD, dedicated graphic cards and 15.6”-17” screen.

Suitable for Gaming, Graphic Design, 3D modeling and architectural drawings. 

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