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Our Computer Repair Services

We service and repair all types of PCs, Laptops and Desktop computers of all Brands, including Apple iMacs and Macbooks.

With over 20 years experience in the IT industry, Adelaide Computer Superstore is a one stop shop for all your computer sales and repair needs.

Adelaide Computer Superstore provides high quality parts and services such as computer servicing, laptop repairs, computer repairs and network administration.

We have a set cost for our services which we provide with an up-front quotation to fix your computer, based on the specific problems you are facing rather than hourly charge like some other companies who bill after they have spent the time.

Below is an indication of our pricing for computer repairs and servicing.

Computer Repair Services in Adelaide

Prices for Computer & Laptop Repairs

Regular Tune Up Service$199 Inc GST
Virus Removal Service$199-$299 Inc GST
Format Reinstall of OS$249-$299 Inc GST
Hardware FaultHardware faults will be assessed on spot and given an approximate quote based on the fault.
On-site ServiceFor On-site Service details, Please see our On-site Service page.

Regular Computer Servicing

Keeping your computer well maintained and serviced is the best way to prevent it from breaking down when you need it most. Just like your car is serviced regularly, you should do the same for your computer and laptop.

Our regular service includes:

  • Brushing-Laptop-Fan
  • Cleaning hardware components, cooling system and resealing CPU.
  • Updating Operating System and all other software programs
  • Removing AdWare, spyware and cookies
  • Anti Virus check and update
Virus Removal Adelaide

Virus Removal Service

Most viruses can be removed. When this is the case, we remove the virus, remove any AdWare, spyware, cookies and any other malicious software we can find on your computer.

This service also includes the following:

  • Cleaning hardware components, cooling system and resealing CPU.
  • Updating Operating System and all other programs
  • Removing AdWare, spyware and cookies
  • Removing Viruses
  • Anti Virus Check and Update

Format Reinstall of Operating System

If your PC is running unbearably slow or heavily infected with viruses that cannot be cleaned, the best option is to back up your files, format the hard drive and install a fresh operating system. This insures that the virus is completely removed and refreshes the operation of your computer back to it’s old state.

This service also includes the following:

  • Complete Back up of your files and data.
  • Re installation of your Operating System and other software
  • Update of all drivers and software
  • Restoration of your files and data
  • Anti Virus Check and Update
Computer Repairs in Adelaide

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Adelaide Computer Superstore has been providing high quality products and services for over 20 years.
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