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Your most reliable IT company;

Adelaide Computer Superstore has been providing high quality products and services such as Computer service, Laptop Repair, Computer repair and Network administration to South Australians for over 20 years. Operating from Adelaide CBD we are well located to cater for both business and domestic clients and have a variety of clients from Doctors to Lawyers and Uni Students and Schools.

IT Retail Store:

We sell all IT and IT related products.

Desktop Computers
ADSL Modems
Networking Products
Point Of Sale (POS) Products

We stock or have access to all IT and IT related products and can provide you with the information you need with up to date information/advice tailored to your product.

Buying a new PC? Consider Adelaide Computer Superstore

Purchasing your computer from a company that sells and services computers is a wise choice because:

  1. You know they would not sell a product or brand that has known problems
  2. They know the latest news and info of the IT industry
  3. Their after sales service gives you piece of mind should you need help and support
  4. If you experience a problem, you can go back to them rather than a third party for help.

IT Service Repair and Support

We are known for the highest quality Computer Service in Adelaide, We offer flat rate pricing for carry-in (In House) computer service and on-site and phone-support or emergency service for everything from setups and installations to upgrades. 

Our technicians are experienced and capable of dealing with all types of IT problems,  whether your laptop is slow, not running properly or dead, your network is down, your hard drive is crashing, your printer won't print, or you just need to get on to the Internet, we can help you.